Issue 1 (42) 2015

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5–13 The impact of motherhood on women’s sexuality
Natalia Zyśk, Paulina Durka
14–17 The effects of animal assisted therapy on an autistic child – description of a case
Magdalena Kobylińska, Ewa Gajewska
18–21 Kinesiology Taping as a method of therapeutic and cosmetic in muscle contusion – a case report
Martyna Dębska
22–27 Assessment of physical activity of the post middle school youth
Elżbieta Antos, Elżbieta Staniak
28–35 Dementia. Non‑pharmacological interventions
Hanna Pietraszek-Kusik
36–41 Health Promotion – Reality or Utopia?
Dorota Lizak, Mariola Seń
42–44 Correctly conducted individual patient’s medical documentations the consequence of the inspections carried out by the National Health Fund?
Hanna Waligórska, Erwin Strzesak, Jolanta Kaczmarek
45–50 Independence and competences of a midwife in basic health care system in Poland
Agnieszka Smerdka
51–53 Challanges in accounting hospital treatment in the field of chemotherapy and health programs that is why it pays to hospitals flush medications
Joanna Domańska, Erwin Strzesak, Hanna Waligórska
54–57 What information should have persons going to the tropics?
Ewelina Kimszal, Katarzyna Van Damme‑Ostapowicz
58–62 Medical and Apothecary care for patients with disabilities in terms of gynecological and sexuological aspects
Grażyna Jarząbek‑Bielecka, Marek Bielecki, Magdalena Pisarska‑Krawczyk, Joanna Buks, Witold Kędzia
63–65 Legal, medical and ethical problems associated with adolescent pregnancy
Grażyna Jarząbek-Bielecka, Zuzanna Jarząbek, Karolina Andrzejak, Joanna Buks, Magdalena Pisarska-Krawczyk, Maciej Wilczak, Witold Kędzia, Stefan Sajdak, Małgorzata Mizgier

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