Knowledge of office workers on stroke – preliminary

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Piotr Szpunar, Marzena Mańdziuk, Blanka Kaszuba, Marlena Krawczyk-Suszek, Krzysztof Kołodziej

2 (51) 2017 s. 199–206
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Fraza do cytowania: Szpunar P., Mańdziuk M., Kaszuba B., Krawczyk-Suszek M., Kołodziej K. Knowledge of office workers on stroke – preliminary. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2017;2(51):199–206.

Introduction. Insufficient public knowledge about stroke is the most common cause of downplaying problems and delay the arrival to the hospital, thus implementing an effective treatment. Awareness of risk factors and symptoms of the disease is one of the basic elements of primary prevention. In recent years, thanks to the many activities for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as becoming better patient care, in many countries there has been a steady decline in mortality and disability associated with stroke. Aim. Aim of this study was to assess the knowledge of office workers on the stroke. Material and methods. The study involved 50 people, including 22 women and 28 men with all kinds of residence. The age of respondents was divided into four compartments: 25–35 years, 36–45 years, 46–55 years, 56 years and more. The study was conducted using a diagnostic survey in offices in Podkarpacie. They used a survey that placed closed questions. Results and conclusions. The results showed that the knowledge of the test groups of the stroke is not satisfactory. Should increase education relating to risk factors and symptoms of stroke. A large part of the society should change your eating habits and lifestyle.

Key words: stroke, lifestyle, risks factors.

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