Providing health benefits with the provisions or conscience

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Katarzyna Milejczak, Erwin Strzesak

3 (40) 2014 s. 226–228
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Fraza do cytowania: Milejczak K., Strzesak E. Providing health benefits with the provisions or conscience. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2014;3(40):226–228.

Provision of health services at the present time is subject by a number of laws regulating them. An additional complication is small outlay for the protection of health of a large number of people using in this situation with paid health care. Health benefits rely on benefits in kind related to the process of treatment, namely: prescribing, medical devices or aids but also on the benefits accompanying the process of treatment, for example, the patient’s stay in hospital (accommodation, food), transport facility. In the daily provision of benefits „killed” a man who of ten suffers and needs help him now. This assistance now, and not for half a year, according to the place on the waiting list for the award of benefits. The only provision to which the patient can expect soon: a threat to his life, but who of us has the right to decise that it is this or any other disease is threatening his life and others do not? What about the complications and progressive disease in this situation? Answer: the National Health Fund, which sets the value of the signed contrach with the provider, and the potential amount of benefits granted by him.

Key words: health benefits, the provision of benefits, patient, healthcare provider, the law.

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