Drinking and drug abuse among gymnasium students Oświęcim

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Dariusz Góra

4 (61) 2019 s. 270–274
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20883/ppnoz.2019.58

Fraza do cytowania: Góra D. Drinking and drug abuse among gymnasium students Oświęcim. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;4(61):270–274. DOI: https://doi.org/10.20883/ppnoz.2019.58

Introduction. Chemical addictions (alcohol, nicotine, psychoactive substances) is one of the biggest social problems in the modern world. Despite extensive programs of preventive addiction, they remain a key problem of contemporary societies. In the face of the decreasing threshold of addictive substance initiation, the group particularly at risk is currently young people. At present, it is difficult to find effective methods to prevent risky behavior among this group of people. With the currently unfavorable phenomena, such as unemployment, the difficult situation of families, stress, depression and moral collapse, it is difficult to maintain the mental comfort and health of an adult, and even more so for a child. Aim of the study. The purpose of the article is to try to show the frequency and causes of alcohol consumption and drug use by junior high school students from Oświęcim. Material and methods. The research material was an anonymous questionnaire (addressed to third grade school students) containing questions about the frequency and causes of alcohol consumption and drug use. A questionnaire was used for the research, which was completed by 408 junior high school students. The results were subjected to statistical analysis. Results. Every day, alcohol consumes 3% of boys and 4% of girls, most often it is beer. Most adolescents use alcohol and drugs to impress their peer group because of their academic and personal problems. Conclusions. Little interest on the part of parents on issues important for young people, insufficient closeness with family and upbringing in incomplete families are factors influencing the frequency of drinking alcohol and smoking among young people. The way to prevent problems related to the use of alcohol and drugs by young people is to control their consumption, abolish the advertising and marketing of these products, as well as to build proper personal patterns for young people.

Key words: tobacco, health behaviors, alcohol, youth, drugs.

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