Analyze postural stability in population above 65 years old using platform balance

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Marzena Mańdziuk, Blanka Kaszuba, Marlena Krawczyk-Suszek

2 (59) 2019 s. 114–119
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Fraza do cytowania: Mańdziuk M., Kaszuba B., Krawczyk-Suszek M. Analyze postural stability in population above 65 years old using platform balance. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;2(59):114–119. DOI:

Introduction. Maintaining balance, both static and dynamic which depends on the proper functioning of the postural control system persisting a center of gravity (COP center of feet pressure) within a field support and able to counteract the external forces that could destabilize attitude. The study via the platform stabilometric Cosmogamma by Emildue provides valuable and clinically relevant data on a wide range of applications. Aim. The aim of the study was to analyze selected parameters of pressure center moving feet on the ground, using computerized balance platform as a method of testing the ability to maintain a balance. Material and methods. The study group consisted of 27 charges Nursing Home in Rzeszow. Research methods were interview, which is a criterion for the second part of the study, which was conducted using the platform Cosmogamma by Emildue. The study consisted of three 60-second samples: The first test: with open eyes – and then there was a break 15 minutes; Second test: with open eyes – and then there was a pause 60 seconds; Third test: with eyes closed. Results. The analysis of all the parameters observed showed that the vast majority of data analyzed, the highest values ​​of parameters characterized by the test with eyes closed. There were also differences between the two samples with eyes open - second test was characterized by lower values ​​of the analyzed parameters. It has been shown that there are statistically significant depending on the speed of the plane of deflection in this plane, and the age of the length of the path. Furthermore, it was observed that the values ​​of the parameters observed are not dependent on sex. Conclusions. With age, decreasing ability to maintain balance while standing. Gender is not significant in assessing the level of equilibrium. Disable checking eyesight adversely affects the postural stability. An important factor for improving the ability to keep balance is part of the training.

Key words: balance, risk of falls, Cosmogamma.

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