Report from the 3rd National Conference "Records of health care as the basis of security legal and financial medical facility"

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Michał Chrobot, Agnieszka Strzelecka, Kamila Kocańda, Ewa Cieślik-Majchrzak, Stanisław Góźdź, Grażyna Nowak-Starz

1 (58) 2019 s. 62–65
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Fraza do cytowania: Chrobot M., Strzelecka A., Kocańda K., Cieślik-Majchrzak E., Góźdź S., Nowak-Starz G. Report from the 3rd National Conference "Records of health care as the basis of security legal and financial medical facility". Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;1(58):62–65. DOI:

The Third National Conference entitled "Records of the health services as the basis of legal and financial security of a medical facility" was held in Kielce on May 14-15, 2018. The event was organized by: the Holy Cross Cancer Centre, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Jan Kochanowski University, the Polish Public Health Association division in Kielce, and the Polish Society of Medical Coders. The two-day conference gathered about 160 guests representing all the participants of the health care system in Poland, including the representatives of the Ministry of Health, National Health Fund, hospitals of all levels as well as external researchers and experts in the field of organization, management, health care economics, law medical and public health. The program, divided into thematic blocks, included speeches on planned changes in the organization of the healthcare system in Poland (among others: hospitals network from the perspective of different entities and the payer, comprehensive care or health care quality), drugs and medical products policy, tariffs of healthcare benefits, management accounting and cost accounting in hospitals, patient safety, electronic medical records and practical aspects of contracting and settlement of healthcare benefits. At the end of each thematic block there was a panel discussion with the questions from the audience. The participants of the conference had a chance to exchange their opinions and experiences arising after the implementation of a lump sum healthcare system. Optimal solutions of common healthcare system problems were sought, with particular consideration of patients and assuming that there is a paradigm to provide them with an adequate access to health services, which was the goal of the legislator at the stage of the reform of the Polish healthcare system.

Key words: healthcare system, a network of hospitals, training of medical personnel.

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