Health behaviors of patients with COPD

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Aneta Grochowska, Przemysław Zając, Iwona Bodys-Cupak, Monika Łabuzek, Joanna Maciejowska

1 (58) 2019 s. 44–50
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Fraza do cytowania: Grochowska A., Zając P., Bodys-Cupak I., Łabuzek M., Maciejowska J. Health behaviors of patients with COPD. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;1(58):44–50. DOI:

Introduction. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is unfortunately incurable and quite quickly progressing. It definitely decreases somehow the lives of patients. The primary cause of the disease is smoking. Healthy behavior improves the quality of life of patients. Aim. Evaluarion of the health behaviour of COPD patients. Material and methods. 98 COPD patients were asked about their disease. IZZ, Mini-COPE and self-made questionnaires were used. Results. Three quarters of the subjects were men, all the subjects were over 50 years old. Over 90% were not professionally active, and the others were mostly blue-collar workers. In the past over 90% of the subjects smoke cigarettes, now 44,9% smoke. Over two thirds of the subjects were exposed to dust and asbestos. Dyspnoea was a frequent symptom disturbing everyday life. The subjects declared healthcare but their health behaviour on IZZ scale was average. Conclusion. There is a strong relation between smoking and the occurrence of COPD. Sex and age of the subjects have an impact on the occurrence of COPD. Doing everyday activities increases the occurrence of dyspnoea. Health behaviour presented by the subjects are related to rarely occurring symptoms of COPD. There is a relation between exposure to dust, asbestos or chemical compounds and the occurrence of COPD.

Key words: health behaviour, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD), smoking.

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