Maintaining the implementation of the BFHI in Hospital in Ciechanów?

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Barbara Baranowska, Ewa Rogozińska, Grażyna Bączek, Urszula Tataj-Puzyna, Anna Durka, Dorota Sys, Beata Pięta

1 (58) 2019 s. 28–34
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Fraza do cytowania: Baranowska B., Rogozińska E., Bączek G., Tataj-Puzyna U., Durka A., Sys D., Pięta B. Maintaining the implementation of the BFHI in Hospital in Ciechanów?. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;1(58):28–34. DOI:

"Baby-friendly hospital initiative (BFHI)" aims to create appropriate conditions for breastfeeding. The implementation and continuation of the assumptions of this idea requires the introduction of numerous changes at the level of care organization and personnel education. Maintaining the title of BFH is connected with the workload of the entire medical staff of the facility. Aim. The aim of the work was to evaluate by the staff of the Specialist Hospital in Ciechanów, activities related to maintaining the title of "Baby-friendly hospital". Material and methods. A diagnostic survey was conducted using an author's questionnaire among 38 hospital employees involved in activities related to the implementation and continuation of the initiative (midwives, nurses, gynaecologists-obstetricians, neonatologists). Results. Among the respondents, the majority admitted that they did not feel a difference in the amount of work in caring for mother and child after obtaining the title of BFH (55%). Almost every fifth respondent, as the most significant change after the initiative implementation, indicated the introduction of a rooming-in system and adherence to the principles of "10 steps to successful breastfeeding". Slightly fewer respondents pointed to allowing presence of the closest people during childbirth (16%). Exclusive breastfeeding has been recognized by midwives, gynaecologists-obstetricians and nurses as the most difficult to maintain practice required in the implementation of the idea of BFH. Conclusions. Continuous implementation of practices related to the introduction of the Baby-friendly hospital initiative is associated with different levels of difficulty, and with varying workload determined by different professional groups.

Key words: Baby-friendly hospital, promotion of breastfeeding, perinatal care.

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