Social support during breastfeeding

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Grażyna Gebuza, Emilia Krauklis, Marzena Kaźmierczak, Estera Mieczkowska, Małgorzata Gierszewska

4 (57) 2018 s. 408–415
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Fraza do cytowania: Gebuza G., Krauklis E., Kaźmierczak M., Mieczkowska E., Gierszewska M. Social support during breastfeeding. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2018;4(57):408–415. DOI:

Introduction. Diabetes is one of the diseases most often entangled pregnant. Diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus requires lifestyle modification; often assimilate a lot of information in a short time. Aim. The aim of this study was to compare the quality of life and acceptance of the disease in women with gestational diabetes mellitus treated with diet and diet and insulin. Material and Methods. The research method was a questionnaire of his own design, which concerned subjective assessment of quality of life. The second research tool was a questionnaire Acceptance of Illness Scale in Polish adaptation of Z. Juczyński. The study involved 156 randomly selected women with gestational diabetes mellitus. In 75 (48%) women in treatment was diet and insulin, 81 (52%)women in treatment was diet. The Results. The overall level of acceptance of the disease in the study group was high 31.5 and quality of life of the average 34.9. Women with GDM G1 higher assessed acceptance of the disease 33.9 and quality of life of 36.2 than women with GDM G2-acceptance of illness 28.7, quality of life, 33.6. It was also shown that the level of acceptance of the disease was significantly associated with better quality of life. The acceptance of the disease and quality of life were significantly associated with the fear of a child health and your own. The complex concerns reduced the level of acceptance of the disease and quality of life. The concerns of women with GDM G2 were more complex than women with GDM G1. Conclusions. Insulin therapy significantly reduces the level of acceptance of the disease and quality of life for women. AIS is a tool that can help the midwife in the diagnosis of the patients behavior in the course of gestational diabetes and planning educational activities and support.

Key words: gestational diabetes mellitus, acceptance of the disease, AIS, GDM, quality of life.

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