The school as an environment supporting the development of health-promoting attitudes – pedagogical-medical context

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Dorota Lizak

1 (38) 2014 s. 69–74
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Fraza do cytowania: Lizak D. The school as an environment supporting the development of health-promoting attitudes – pedagogical-medical context. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2014;1(38):69–74.

Family and school are the environments that play a key role in the development and functioning of the human being. The primary socialization and informal education can provide or provide access to the secondary socialization and formal education, so it is very important to pay particular attention to the cooperation of these two habitats. The article refers to the tasks and role of the school, which should be implemented by it. Moreover it shows the role they play in shaping of the health-promoting attitudes of students. It also underlines the importance of the school as the institution, which bears the greatest burden and also responsibility for the effects of health education. Each properly planned education cannot be deprived of the evaluation, which allows to obtain the feedback on the quality of realized education. Undoubtedly, health education carried out in the school may be a prelude to building a health awareness young man and at the same time the whole society, as a habitat with a variety of reasons, favors the implementation of educational activities. Reduction of the control of parents and significant people for the child is a kind of trap for the threats of the modern world, because the ability of making rational choices strengthens with age, therefore in childhood is not yet shaped. Therefore, both the family and the school should be the environments that promote the strengthening of health and implementation of the educational process, because only the aforementioned consistency and cooperation of those environments, can confirm a child in the conviction of the rightness to undertaken health-promoting actions. Any conflicts will arouse anxiety and doubts, which may cause a threat and be the starting point for the initiation behaviors.

Key words: school, attitude, health education, socialization of health.

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