Issue 1 (54) 2018

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7–12 Tomatis auditory training and the development of linguistic skills: evaluation of the effects of an innovative educational-therapeutic programme
Bartosz Brzoza, Ewa Mojs, Anna Sudoł
13–20 Selected factors of valuing health among pregnant women
Anna Pieniążek, Joanna Błajda, Edyta Barnaś
21–32 The analysis of perineal incision and perineal trauma for parturients
Dorota Ćwiek, Daria Kurkus, Katarzyna Szymoniak, Małgorzata Zimny, Agata Daszkiewicz, Regina Powirska-Swęd
33–39 Quality of specialist health care services according to patients from Eastern Poland
Zbigniew Tarkowski, Olga Dąbska, Joanna Monastyrska, Ewa Humeniuk
40–46 Assessment of the state of knowledge of older people on the organ transplantations
Elżbieta Antos, Małgorzata Dopierała
47–53 Diets promoted by pro ana bloggers in context of somatic and mental health
Agata Dutkiewicz, Katarzyna Pastusiak
54–61 The educational needs assessment among patients with type 2 diabetes attending diabetic outpatient clinics
Katarzyna Kowalska, Monika Pliszka
62–65 Subscriptions to the doctor via the Internet – patient in e-line registration
Anna Krzemińska, Erwin Strzesak
66–71 Analysis of the reasons for stomach ache in children over 3 years old hospitalised at a children’s ward, in consideration of the tests made
Wioletta Waksmańska, Anna Biela, Halina Woś, Renata Łukasik
72–78 Medical marijuana in Poland. Do physicians and future healthcare workers want to make marijuana legal?
Maja Wolan, Karol Dziadosz, Anna Jacek
79–83 Chemotherapy and therapeutic programs – trends on in recent years
Anna Krzemińska, Erwin Strzesak
84–90 Vaccination against influenza among medical students who start the clinical classes in 2016/2017 flu season
Anna Kawalec, Agata Kawalec, Krystyna Pawlas
91–95 Ethical dimension of organ transplantation from living donors
Elżbieta Antos, Małgorzata Wojciechowska
91–97 Psychosocial functioning of patients undergoing hemodialysis
Aneta Grochowska, Małgorzata Kołpa, Iwona Bodys‑Cupak, Przemysław Zając
96–100 Title of the article : The exercise of pastoral care at the hospital – legal requirements and accreditation
Wojciech Balicki, Karol Balicki
101–105 Balance body as element of motor coordination – historical view
Magdalena Kobylińska
106–111 Subclinical hypothyroidism
Anna Otlewska, Paweł Hackemer, Fryderyk Menzel, Aleksandra Drabik
112–116 Vitamin D deficiency and its consequences
Anna Otlewska, Paweł Hackemer, Fryderyk Menzel, Aleksandra Drabik
117–124 Proper nutrition in esophageal cancer and gastric cancer – is that the key to success?
Dawid Stańczyk, Joanna Domagalska, Aleksandra Kulik, Przemysław Nowak
125–128 Economy medical documentation
Hanna Waligórska, Erwin Strzesak
129–134 The relative safety of biologic drugs used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
Paweł Moćko

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