Issue 2 (51) 2017

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161–167 The influence of urinary incontinence on the quality of women’s live
Maria Połocka-Molińska, Beata Jakóbczak, Katarzyna Plagens-Rotman
168–175 Acute and late adverse effects of radiotherapy for cervical cancer. The RTOG/EORTC classification criteria and evaluation of selected morphological parameters of peripheral blood
Piotr Białas, Bartek Bartoś, Anna Bodusz
176–183 Effectiveness of selected physiotherapeutic methods in therapy of chronic nonspecific neck pain
Anna Jankowska, Marta Paprocka, Krystyna Zeńczak-Praga, Małgorzata Zgorzalewicz-Stachowiak
184–190 Quality management in health care in the opinion of midwives from the Podkarpackie Province
Edyta Barnaś, Elżbieta Wróbel, Renata Raś, Grzegorz Panek
191–195 Levels of anxiety and depression among Obesity Clinic inpatients
Małgorzata Obara-Gołębiowska, Małgorzata Pietrzykowska, Andrzej Molisz, Katarzyna Nowicka-Sauer
196–198 Transfers of funds under agreements – records § 20, 21 and 43 of the General Conditions in practice
Anna Krzemińska, Erwin Strzesak, Sylwia Zygmunt, Mirella Śmigielska
199–206 Knowledge of office workers on stroke – preliminary
Piotr Szpunar, Marzena Mańdziuk, Blanka Kaszuba, Marlena Krawczyk-Suszek, Krzysztof Kołodziej
207–212 Infrasound impact on the health of the pregnant women. Current status of knowledge and laws
Magdalena Muszyńska, Paweł Rzymski, Bartosz Bilski, Maciej Wilczak
213–219 The contemporary cosmetic and medical treatments in the cellulite reduction
Marlena Matysek-Nawrocka, Maria Bernat, Dorota Krasowska, Katarzyna Chyl-Surdacka, Joanna Sobczuk
220–224 Smoking tobacco and its health consequences for elderly people
Łukasz Bojkowski, Ewa Mojs
225–229 Burnout syndrome in sport activity
Karolina Mularczyk, Łukasz Bojkowski
230–234 Care for parents in mourning after the death of the fetus and intrauterine death of one twin in a multiple pregnancy
Jolanta Olszewska, Magdalena Napiórkowska-Orkisz, Agnieszka Czerwińska-Osipiak
235–240 Supporting the development of social cognition – empathy as a factor simplifying the dental treatment at children. The literature review
Sebastian Zbitkowski, Ewa Mojs
241–247 The midwife vis-à-vis promoting, teaching and effectiveness of natural family planning methods on the example of Josef Rötzer's sympto-thermal method
Magdalena Napiórkowska-Orkisz, Zofia Babińska
248–255 Competitiveness in health care
Juliusz Szewczyk

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