Issue 3 (48) 2016

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209–215 The views of midwives on the optimal route of delivery
Wioletta Baran, Joanna Skręt-Magierło
216–222 Selected biopsychosocial parameters relating to women’s condition during perimenopausal period
Joanna Błajda, Edyta Barnaś, Anna Pieniążek, Anna Nowak-Zygadło
223–230 Effect of Tomatis Auditory Training on selected areas of child development in the subjective assessment of parents
Anna Sudoł, Katarzyna Wiecheć, Karolina Kabzińska, Ewa Mojs
231–238 Education of patients suffering from chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer disease
Maria Połocka-Molińska, Anna Molińska-Kulesza, Bartosz Łukaszewski, Karolina Chmaj-Wierzchowska, Mieczysława U. Jurczyk
239–245 Self-efficacy and health locus of control in a group of patients diagnosed with hypertension
Krystyna Kurowska, Katarzyna Manys
246–249 Analysis of the level of self-efficacy in weight reduction and compensatory health beliefs related to dieting and body weight regulation among Obesity Clinic patients
Małgorzata Obara-Gołębiowska
250–258 The structure of the susceptibility to injury in a fall in various states of arousal of the body of young women habitually physically active
Sebastian Ingram, Paulina Ingram
259–262 Emotions associated with disturbed body image
Ewelina Kimszal, Katarzyna Van Damme-Ostapowicz
263–268 The role of diet and physical activity in the prevention of sexual dysfunction associated with the problem of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome
Grażyna Jarząbek-Bielecka, Joanna Buks, Małgorzata Mizgier, Marek Bielecki, Magdalena Pisarska-Krawczyk, Maciej Wilczak Anna Potasińska-Sobkowska, Witold Kędzia
269–276 Polyphenolic compounds in prevention and treatment of selected civilization diseases – evidences from epidemiological studies
Magdalena Mężyńska, Małgorzata M. Brzóska
277–284 The body as the area of scientific reflection and as the project
Urszula Kluczyńska
285–289 Factors determining the colonization of the digestive tract in a newborn
Renata Witkowska-Wirstlein, Mieczysława U. Jurczyk
290–294 Research on effectiveness of the Tomatis method of auditory stimulation in dyslexic disorders
Anna Sudoł, Karolina Kabzińska, Ewa Mojs, Katarzyna Wiecheć
295–301 Vitamin B12 – effects of deficiency, the legitimacy of therapy and dietetary supplementation among elderly people
Marzanna Mziray, Przemysław Domagała, Regina Żuralska, Magdalena Siepsiak
302–307 OTC drugs and food supplements advertisement in Poland
Paweł Kawalec, Maciej Rogala
308–313 An analysis of a new concept of a health insurance card
Remigiusz Lewandowski
314–326 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of the business strategy of pharmaceutical companies
Beata Jankowiak-Bolko, Włodzimierz Samborski, Ewa Mojs
327–344 Costs of lost productivity in patients with inflammatory arthropaties in Polish settings
Krzysztof Malinowski, Paweł Kawalec
345–347 Outline of rehabilitation in the world and its creators in Poland
Monika Gałczyk, Katarzyna Van Damme-Ostapowicz, Ewelina Kimszal

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