Issue 2 (47) 2016

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135–141 E-learning and blended learning in the opinion of students of medical university
Monika Podwińska, Karolina Szczeszek, Maciej Wilczak
142–147 Knowledge on breast cancer risk factors: comparison between survivors and healthy women aged 40–60
Ewa Mędrela-Kuder
148–155 The most common breastfeeding problems in the postnatal period
Grażyna Gebuza, Karolina Jaworska, Marzena Kaźmierczak, Estera Mieczkowska, Małgorzata Gierszewska
156–162 Support and the quality of life of patients on dialysis in Tarnow
Aneta Grochowska, Magdalena Kurzawska, Iwona Bodys-Cupak
163–166 Zika virus – a new problem of the modern world?
Ewelina Kimszal, Katarzyna Van Damme-Ostapowicz
167–168 Release oncology
Hanna Waligórska, Erwin Strzesak
169–175 Midwife of Primary Health Care in the healthcare system in Poland
Agnieszka Smerdka
176–179 The chairman of National Health Fund saves on brachytherapy
Hanna Waligórska, Erwin Strzesak, Michał Chrobot
180–183 Physiotherapy in hard-to-heal wounds
Monika Gałczyk, Katarzyna Van Damme-Ostapowicz
184–190 Chosen economic and health consequences of tobacco consumption for the state budget and the public sector
Marcin Motnyk, Michał Chrobot, Brunon Zemła
191–197 Characteristic of spa treatment in Kolobrzeg – a specific action mechanism of treatments based on natural materials
Agnieszka Jakubowska
198–201 Responsibility of health resorts to payers
Artur Guźlecki

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