Issue 3 (40) 2014

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193–199 Nurse’s knowledge about patient’s rights
Agnieszka Skorupska-Król, Aldona Samborska, Iwona Bodys-Cupak, Iwona Oskędra
200–204 Intrauterine fetal death as a life‑threatening of pregnant woman
Paulina Durka, Anna Cieszyńska
205–209 Mineral analysis of hair and nails in parkinson’s disease using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) – short communications
Anna Bitner, Małgorzata Szady‑Grad, Piotr Biegański, Paweł Zalewski, Jacek J. Klawe, Julia L. Newton
210–215 Activity of adolescents with visual impairment in the urban space of Cracow
Wacław Batko, Patrycja Zurzycka
216–222 Evaluation of the results of surgical treatment of disc herniation depending on the severity of pain
Bernadeta Sajdak, Iwona Bodys‑Cupak
223–225 Selected dietary habits and physical activity profile of physical education and philology students
Ewa Mędrela-Kuder
226–228 Providing health benefits with the provisions or conscience
Katarzyna Milejczak, Erwin Strzesak
229–231 Challanges in accounting hospital treatment in the field of chemotherapy and health programs that is why it pays to hospitals flush medications
Joanna Domańska, Erwin Strzesak, Hanna Waligórska
232–237 Role of generic and biosimilar drugs in the rational reimbursement and pharmaceutical policy
Tomasz Bochenek
238–241 Communication skills model as the basis of relation between a patient and the hospital registration staff
Aleksandra Komajda, Erwin Strzesak, Jolanta Kaczmarek
242–247 Quantitative evaluation of dinner sets served by school canteen
Marzena Zołoteńka‑Synowiec, Ewa Malczyk, Beata Całyniuk, Marlena Gambal
248–254 Premature birth in the course of cervical incompetence
Beata Marta Urbanowicz
255–262 The beginnings of university education for nurses in Poland
Teresa Slosorz

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