Challenges facing healthcare system in Europe

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Anna Sójka, Rafał Zadykowicz, Edyta Rysiak

3 (44) 2015 s. 183–186
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Fraza do cytowania: Sójka A., Zadykowicz R., Rysiak E. Challenges facing healthcare system in Europe. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;3(44):183–186.

Technological progress has forced numerous transformations in the social structure of the population and also entail changes in social assistance. The health sector cuts result in a tendency to reduce health benefits for its citizens. A particular impact on this process, which forces changes in the management of the healthcare system in Poland and throughout Europe, is the increase in average life expectancy, resulting in an increase in the health care costs. The positive sides of technological progress have become the evolution of the patients’ attitudes to their own health, as well as popularization of generic drugs which enable to save moeny in the health sector without sacrificing quality of treatment. The changes occur not only in the medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, but also in the food industry, where a functional food has appeared. Maintaining the current model of public health services requires a series of significant changes in the management of the health care system. The necessary health care rationalization will require more efficient use of fewer resources. It seems that the fundamental principles should be efficiency and saving.

Key words: healthcare system, health sector, healthcare sector, generics.

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