Creating pathway for oncologycal patients at Greater Cancer Centre – the role of the coordinator

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Erwin Strzesak, Jolanta Kaczmarek, Sylwia Zygmunt

2 (43) 2015 s. 129–132
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Fraza do cytowania: Strzesak E., Kaczmarek J., Zygmunt S. Creating pathway for oncologycal patients at Greater Cancer Centre – the role of the coordinator. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;2(43):129–132.

In result of introduction of new legislation concerning ‘Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment card’ we were obliged to establish a multidisciplinary therapeutic teams. It was also necessary to appoint coordinators in order to lead individual care of each patient. Their role is to partake in care of oncology patient and lead it throughout treatment process. In Greater Poland Cancer Centre priority is wellbeing of its patients, therefore two pathways were designed to provide best care for individuals holding ‘Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment card’. First pathway demonstrates process of patient care from arrival to the Centre until the end of his/hers treatment. The second chart shows the processes of care coordinators looking after oncological patients. Both of the pathways described will allow to monitor and regulate the care proceedings of the oncological patients and primarily will facilitates smooth patient’s navigate the care system.

Key words: patient, coordinator, Diagnosis and Oncological Treatment Card, Central Waiting List, oncology package, case conference.

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