Health Promotion – Reality or Utopia?

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Dorota Lizak, Mariola Seń

1 (42) 2015 s. 36–41
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Fraza do cytowania: Lizak D., Seń M. Health Promotion – Reality or Utopia?. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;1(42):36–41.

Health promotion is the field, which has gained in recent years considerable degree of popularity on a global scale. This is not only a result of its relatively short history and achievements, but it is caused by operations taken on the basis of the discipline and often spectacular effects of these actions. Contemporary health trends as well as statistics on morbidity and mortality clearly indicate on necessity to carry out tasks in the field of health promotion, because these trends result to a large extent from irrational and improper individual’s lifestyle habits and often from a lack of knowledge. In order to make the lifestyle more rational, there is a need of knowledge disseminated by professionals, which means by persons essentially prepared to its dissemination. Health promotion is not just an idea filling a niche in the health sciences, but through years of implementation and the cultivation of certain principles and convictions resulting from experience and observation it turns out to be an initiative generating measurable benefits. Review of the widespread and increasingly popularized health issues in media allow us to state, that strengthening health as an issue is becoming fashionable. Accordingly, in order to exist in the contemporary world one should be aware of processes and conditions occurring around the human. Consequently, health promotion is an integral part of public health, and every person being a part of population, participates with their own health and contributes to creation of public health. Therefore, every man should have an elementary knowledge about this immaterial value.

Key words: health promotion, health education, public health, healthism.

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