Dementia. Non‑pharmacological interventions

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Hanna Pietraszek-Kusik

1 (42) 2015 s. 28–35
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Fraza do cytowania: Pietraszek-Kusik H. Dementia. Non‑pharmacological interventions. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;1(42):28–35.

Patients with a diagnosis of dementia is a growing proportion of the population. Their needs for independent functioning, quality of life and psychological needs are not fully contented through a contemporary pharmacotherapy. Attempts non‑pharmacologicalimpacts on this group of patients are reflected in many of the problems of research in geriatrics and physiotherapy, psychiatry and psychology. This research provides an overview of research papers published in 2010–2014, available in the Pub‑Meddatabase, assessing impacts non‑pharmacological efficiency issue in dementia. Still no fully clear, proven reliable clinical trials, evidence broadly positive impact of these methods on the lives of patients with dementia. Multidirectional, individually customized improving brings hope for patients and their caregivers. Questions about the impact of the choice of a particular method and the method of evaluating the effectiveness of these therapies remain open.

Key words: dementia, quality of life, rehabilitation, cognitive processes.

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