Assessment of physical activity of the post middle school youth

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Elżbieta Antos, Elżbieta Staniak

1 (42) 2015 s. 22–27
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Fraza do cytowania: Antos E., Staniak E. Assessment of physical activity of the post middle school youth. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;1(42):22–27.

Introduction. The physical activity is one from the most important component the healthy style of life. It influences on correct functioning whole organism, it is indispensable to life. My special meaning among youth, when young organism be shapes. Aim. The meeting is the aim of work and the opinion of activity of physical High school youth. Material and methods. The author’s questionnaire of inquiry in investigative cells was applied. Investigation was conducted in Mazovian province. Studied person’s group calculated one hundred pupils with three types of schools: secondary school, technical school and principal professional school. Selection be studied was random, and voluntary part and anonymous. Results. High school youth in dependence from type of schools presented different attitude what to systematic participation in motive occupations both at school how and apart from school. Pupils got with technical school the best results – the most participated in occupations in w-f, as they the also most intended on physical activity time. Youth with secondary school was less active, she intended in week little time on movement. Conclusions. Activity physical youth secondary school she is insufficient. The intensive wholesome education be indicated in this range and the propagating the different interesting forms of spending actively.

Key words: physical activities, motoral activities, physical distrainment.

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