The impact of motherhood on women’s sexuality

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Natalia Zyśk, Paulina Durka

1 (42) 2015 s. 5–13
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Fraza do cytowania: Zyśk N., Durka P. The impact of motherhood on women’s sexuality. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;1(42):5–13.

Introduction. The motherhood is a unique moment in women’s life, which changes it completely. Birth and conception are the point of a breakthrough towards her sexuality. Yet she becomes fulfilled in the meaning of biology and sense of one’s life. Aim. The aim of this labour is to describe sexual physiology of women and to determine any changes in her own sexuality during two years after childbirth. It is here approached to characterize the impact of birth cycle on whole women’s sexuality. Material and methods. A group of two hundred women, which had their birth not more than two years ago, had been interviewed. A survey had been used as a method clarifying sexuality changes in the period of their motherhood. It consists of 8 opened and 37 yes/no questions. Results. The majority of interviewees had re‑established their sexual intercourses up to six week after birth. The average period between a birth and first intercourse is 3,43 of a month. Individual research showed, that 38% of questioned had become closer after birth with her partner, 23% declared no sexual intercourse after birth and 39% was not sure if there was any emotional rapprochement. Conclusions. Women, who recognized sexuality as an important or very important part of one’s life, resulted in more frequent sexual intercourses with their partners. Younger women more often declared, that after birth they had an emotional rapprochement with their partner.

Key words: pregnancy, motherhood, sexuality.

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