Legal Assessment of the Possibilities of 6 Inseminations of Oocytes Obtained from Several Stimulations

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Anna Wilińska-Zelek

4 (61) 2019 s. 377–379
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Fraza do cytowania: Wilińska-Zelek A. Legal Assessment of the Possibilities of 6 Inseminations of Oocytes Obtained from Several Stimulations. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;4(61):377–379. DOI:

Introduction. The subject of the deliberations is the legitimacy of the IVF treatment implementation which aims to accumulate oocytes as a result of several controlled hyperstimulations. Aim of the study. The objective of the paper was to present current legal status and assess the possibility of implementing the treatment limiting the number of fertilized cells to 6. Material and methods. The case report was drawn up on the basis of the legal analysis taking account of the legislative process connected with the amendment of the Infertility Treatment Act (purposive approach and functional interpretation) as well as on the basis of the source literature. Results. Protection of life and human dignity in the regulations on assisted procreation results from the need to limit the number of fertilized oocytes – the number of collected oocytes and the applied methods of their collection remain irrelevant to the legislator provided that they do not have a particularly negative influence on the patient’s health. Conclusions. The proposed treatment concept is not contraindicated from the legal point of view provided that it is justified in the light of a reliable analysis of the treatment algorithm for an individual case.

Key words: infertility treatment, stimulations, IVF, inseminations, oocytes.

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