Analysis of the weight of schoolbags among students of primary education

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Karina Słonka, Małgorzata Gryc, Martyna Chodakowska, Anna Klus

4 (61) 2019 s. 275–279
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Fraza do cytowania: Słonka K., Gryc M., Chodakowska M., Klus A. Analysis of the weight of schoolbags among students of primary education. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;4(61):275–279. DOI:

Introduction. Currently, often the backbones of children and adolescents are loaded with too heavy schoolbags. Studies show that backpack loads weighing more than 15% of body weight adversely affect body posture, gait and respiratory system. In addition, they can be one of the main causes of back pain, defects in body and feet posture. Aim of the study. The aim of the study is to assess the weight of schoolbags among students of primary education. Material and methods. The research was conducted in May 2017 at Public Primary School No. 2 in Opole. 195 students (106 boys and 89 girls) aged 7–9 attending the first three classes were examined. The TANITA electronic scale was used to assess the weight of the school bag with content and to measure the weight of the subjects, in addition, the students' height was assessed. Research was carried out in the classroom in the morning. Results. Studies have shown that most children wear too heavy school satchels. The three-kilogram weight of backpacks recommended at this age, safe for children's health, occurred in individual cases. On the other hand, satchels exceeding 15% of the body weight of children were found in over 1/3 of primary education students. It is distressing that the heaviest backpacks compared to body weight were worn by more than half of the first grade students surveyed. Conclusions. Taking integrated steps to develop the ability to properly pack a school bag and the habit of systematical controlling its content and weight can in the future protect the young generation from overloading the joints and the development of posture defects.

Key words: weight of schoolbags, children, initial education.

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