Using patient-reported measures of effectiveness in healthcare

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Ewa Bandurska, Weronika Ciećko, Marzena Zarzeczna-Baran

3 (60) 2019 s. 226–231
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Fraza do cytowania: Bandurska E., Ciećko W., Zarzeczna-Baran M. Using patient-reported measures of effectiveness in healthcare. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;3(60):226–231. DOI:

Nowadays, it seems that the provision of high quality medical care requires taking into account not only the classically used hard end points, but also information obtained from patients about how they assess their health, what their symptoms and what are the effects of the prescribed treatment are The role of patient-centered indicators considering outcomes of the treatment – PROMS (Patient reported outcomes measures) and experiences related to the obtained care – PREMS (Patient-reported experience measures) seems to be increasingly important, probably due to the growing interest in building value-based health systems. The aim of the work is to present patient-centric indicators, an attempt to determine their role, potential advantages and disadvantages associated with their use in the assessment of health care.

Key words: patient-centered indicators, patient reported outcomes measures, patient reported experience measures, value-based healthcare.

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