Phisical activity and the quality of life among community of Jabłonka’s citizens in geriatric age

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Wioletta Ławska, Grażyna Dębska, Beata Joniak, Maria Zięba, Magdalena Nieckula

3 (60) 2019 s. 193–198
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Fraza do cytowania: Ławska W., Dębska G., Joniak B., Zięba M., Nieckula M. Phisical activity and the quality of life among community of Jabłonka’s citizens in geriatric age. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;3(60):193–198. DOI:

Introduction. The geriatric stage of life creates many problems. Therefore, care of the people aged over 65 should be concentrated both on health matters and improvement the quality of life but in many domains. Aim. Evaluation of physical activity as well as the quality of life the senior living in Jabłonka contry. Material and methods. The searching based on diagnostic survey used an authorship questionnaire together with the survey called WOQOL-BREF. In February 2016, 120 people aged over 65 and both sex took part in searching. Results. It appeared that physical activity refers mainly to housekeeping and gardening. One in two reveals to be physical active several times a month. Exceptionally, every tenth performs physical exercises every day. The targeted group estimated that the social area holds the lowest quality of life. More appreciated were somatic psychological and surrounding points at the same time. Men in opposite to women expressed more satisfaction in all four domains. Conclusions. The elderly, usually, struggling with misery conditions. They express the low sense of safeness, poor finance situation and difficulties in realization own interests. In addition, the habitable conditions next to medical care service and means of public transport do not meet fully their expectations.

Key words: senior, the quality of life, physical activity.

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