Medical records and cybersecurity in health care facilities

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Małgorzata Skiba, Tomasz Węgrzak, Maria Urbańska, Krzysztof Kus

3 (60) 2019 s. 160–167
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Fraza do cytowania: Skiba M., Węgrzak T., Urbańska M., Kus K. Medical records and cybersecurity in health care facilities. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2019;3(60):160–167. DOI:

Introduction. Medical records, aimed at improving and increasing the efficiency of the health care ­system, are part of the process of computerization and digitization of the health care system in Poland and, like any ICT system, they are exposed to cyber threats related to functioning in cyberspace. Aim. Determining the nature of the cyber threats for medical records and e-administration of the health care system, with particular emphasis on health care facilities, as well as to determine methods and actions aimed at minimizing digital threats for the efficiency and effectiveness of medical e-registers in health care facilities. Material and methods. The research mainly covered the analysis of the literature on the subject, analysis of applicable legal acts and case studies. Results. The analysis of the literature on the subject, legal acts and case study allowed to understand cyber threats to the digital administration of key systems for the functioning of the state and its citizens, including health care. In contrast, case studies allowed to determine the scale and nature of this phenomenon. Conclusions. The development of the digitization process and computerization of the health care system carries the risk of cyber-attacks, the purpose of which is to disrupt the operation of e-administration, as well as stealing information from digital registers, including personal data by means of infection of computers connected to the network. The introduced Act of July 5, 2018 on the national cybersecurity system establishes health care facilities as an operator of a key service in the area of health care, and therefore the legislator imposes cybersecurity obligations on health care entities.

Key words: cybersecurity, e-administration, records, medicine, viruses.

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