Economy medical documentation

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Hanna Waligórska, Erwin Strzesak

1 (54) 2018 s. 131–134
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Fraza do cytowania: Waligórska H., Strzesak E. Economy medical documentation. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2018;1(54):131–134. DOI:

The aim of the article is to underline as an element of the economy in the Health Services and the importance of patient’s medical documentation in the treatment process and costs related to it. Despite numerous patient’s medical documentation inspections carried out by: County Council, Marshal Office or NFZ, there are still irregularities occuring in records keeping. All of those authorities carries our medical documentation inspections using other accounts. For instance NFZ controls the regulations of the medical documentation keeping accordingly not only to the applicable laws, but also for its reasonability of the benefits granted. If an anomaly is being identified the authority claims refund to the provider of the health benefit that are not reflected in patient’s medical documentation, but were presented for settlement with the NFZ. What difference does it make for the patient to be provided with different heath service that described in the medical documentation? Does it make any difference to the health service provider?

Key words: medical documentation, economy, control, patient, statute.

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