Medical marijuana in Poland. Do physicians and future healthcare workers want to make marijuana legal?

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Maja Wolan, Karol Dziadosz, Anna Jacek

1 (54) 2018 s. 72–78
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Fraza do cytowania: Wolan M., Dziadosz K., Jacek A. Medical marijuana in Poland. Do physicians and future healthcare workers want to make marijuana legal?. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2018;1(54):72–78. DOI:

Introduction. The use of medical marijuana is now a global challenge both in the medical and legal aspects. Despite of the growing awareness of the Polish society about the potential of medical marijuana treatment, it still remains a controversial and multi-faceted subject, and healthcare workers have variated opinions about medical marijuana treatment. Since 2017 work is ongoing in the Parliament on the Law on Counteracting Drug Addicts, aimed at the legalization of medical marijuana. Aim of the study. The aim of the study is to compare opinions and knowledge of physicals and medical students on medical treatment of marijuana in Poland. Material and methods. The study used the method of the diagnostic survey using the questionnaire survey questionnaires for physicians and medical students. The study was conducted among 50 physicians and 50 medical students. Respondents were selected on a random basis. The statistical analysis of the collected material was carried out using SPSS 10, assuming p < 0.05. Results. The analysis of the results revealed some discrepancies in terms of legal and medical aspects of the use of medical marijuana among the study population. A decisive number of medical students (78%) and less than half of doctors (44%) believe that marijuana should be legalized in Poland (p = 0.000). Conclusions. The level of knowledge of physicians and medical students on selected aspects of legal and medical treatment of marijuana in Poland is at an average level. Majority of physicians have an average level of knowledge regarding medical aspects of medical use of marijuana, however there are shortcomings in certain areas of the legal aspects. In turn, the future medical staff is not sufficiently educated on the medical marijuana options, both in medical and legal aspects.

Key words: medical marijuana, legalization, physicians, medical students.

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