Competitiveness in health care

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Juliusz Szewczyk

2 (51) 2017 s. 248–255
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Fraza do cytowania: Szewczyk J. Competitiveness in health care. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2017;2(51):248–255.

The article deals with the issue of competition in health care, both theoretical and practical. When analyzing the phenomenon of competition it was pointed out that the key aspect is the possibility of creating conditions that determine the achievement of the assumed benefits. This document presents a catalog of competitive advantage features, with particular emphasis on the role of information and regulation as the determinants of the effectiveness of the reformed health care system. The positive and negative effects of introducing and strengthening competition among providers in the health care system are also indicated.

Key words: competition in the health care system, competition in healthcare, competition among healthcare providers, centralization and decentralization of the health care system.

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