Is it really that older patients are more afraid of falling and fracture than younger?

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Magdalena Czerżyńska, Ewa Pasieka, Anna Justyna Milewska

1 (50) 2017 s. 74–79
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Fraza do cytowania: Czerżyńska M., Pasieka E., Milewska A.J. Is it really that older patients are more afraid of falling and fracture than younger?. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2017;1(50):74–79.

Introduction. The collocation fear of falling (FOF) means that people are afraid of next falling after previous fall and injury, fracture. FoF is a really dangerous specially for the elderly one. Despite of numerous of publications about FOF in elderly, there is still a lack of researches about FOF in the younger people. Aim. The aim of this study was to describe the FOF incidents in the younger group of people (< 40 years old) and to compare with older group (41–60 and > 60 yo) Material and methods. We’d analyzed 125 questioners form filled by the patients and 260 radiograms which was made for them. The data was collected and analyzed with STATISTICA 12.0 using ch^2 test (p < 0.05). Results. Women was dominated (55.2 %). Average patients age was 54.33 yo. (Me: 55; 18–98; ± 20.16). The big gest group included patients over 61 yo (gr. III: 38.4 %). The average patients weight was 77.86 kg (Me: 76; 48–164; ± 16.26), high 168.8 cm (Me: 168; 148–195; ± 11.52), and BMI goes to overweigh – 27.26 kg/cm2 (Me: 26.53; 19.1–43.13; ± 4.6). Patients the most often has got medium education (40.8%) and had been living in the city (70.4 %). The older patients statistical significant more often (p < 0.005) was scared of next fall, fracture. There were no statistical significant relationship (p = 0.2681) between subjective FOF scale and patients age. Conclusions. The younger patients less often was injuried and scared of next falling, failure than the oldest patients. The scale of fear looks similar in the all group of patients.

Key words: fear of falling, elderly, patient, fracture.

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