Municipal waste as a source of infection

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Katarzyna Przybylska, Renata Bednarska

4 (49) 2016 s. 436–444
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Fraza do cytowania: Przybylska K., Bednarska R. Municipal waste as a source of infection. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2016;4(49):436–444. DOI:

This work is based on professional literature of the resource management of municipal waste. Its purpose was to draw attention to the fact that a threat to us and to our environment are a waste. The problem is particularly significant because of the scale and universality of the phenomenon. The work explains the basics of municipal waste as a source of infection, improper methods of classification, segregation, collection, as well as the conditions and methods for their disposal. Placing requirements on the treatment of municipal waste arises from the need to counteract against the threats posed and to ensure the effectiveness of the disposal of such waste every method used.

Key words: municipal waste, source of infection, environment, civilization.

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