Microneedle mesotherapy – effectiveness assessment

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Piotr Ratajczak, Dominika Golwiej, Krzysztof Kus, Tomasz Zaprutko, Elżbieta Nowakowska

4 (49) 2016 s. 377–385
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20883/ppnoz.2016.23

Fraza do cytowania: Ratajczak P., Golwiej D., Kus K., Zaprutko T., Nowakowska E. Microneedle mesotherapy – effectiveness assessment. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2016;4(49):377–385. DOI: https://doi.org/10.20883/ppnoz.2016.23

Introduction. One of the most effective treatments used in beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics is microneedle mesotherapy, also called microneedling. It uses a technique of intensive skin microperforation by thin needles and causes controlled destruction of skin tissue. As a result, it activates natural collagen production and helps to increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Aim. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of micro-needle mesotherapy treatments performed in professional beauty salons in Wielkopolska. We also analyzed the level of satisfaction and customer preferences in the range of services offered by the professional beauty salons. Material and methods. We have used our own questionnaire which include 21 questions. Results. Based on the studies it can be concluded that skin rejuvenation treatment using microneedle mesotherapy is highly effective. Mostly, the treatments are used by women aged 35–44 with university or post-secondary education, living in the cities. Effects are visible right after first procedure. The skin is regenerated, refreshed, radiant and smooth. Hydration level is raised. After the series of few treatments firmness, flexibility and skin tension improved. Reduction of fine and deep wrinkles is also observed. Skin sagging is diminished, shape of the face improved. The effects of microneedle mesotherapy are long-lasting and persist up to 8 months. Conclusion. Microneedle mesotherapy is a safe method of skin rejuvenation. It provides a quick return to professional activity. Because of the effectiveness of this treatment, it is very popular among the professional beauty salons clients and aesthetic medicine patients.

Key words: mesotherapy, skin, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine.

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