Responsibility of health resorts to payers

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Artur Guźlecki

2 (47) 2016 s. 198–201
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Fraza do cytowania: Guźlecki A. Responsibility of health resorts to payers. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2016;2(47):198–201.

In times of Poland’s partition, when there was no such thing as balneology – a medical offshoot of science – which focused on treatment by natural ingredients, both children and adults used to go to health resorts for medical purposes. Adults also used to go for other purposes. As medicine developed, when Poland was chasing Western Europe in terms of economic advancement, and when Poland started cooperation with Western Europe, balneology expanded into other walks of life, the health resort treatment included. What are the tasks of health resorts for which payers pay today? The answer to the question one can find in the text. In the text the fragments of legal acts taken from the Internet legal Acts System, which are now in force in Poland and focus on legal responsibilities of health resorts to payers, will be cited and analyzed in the context of Polish law. By means of the method, specified at the beginning of the paper, a research hypothesis will be verified which says that the respective payers pay for satisfying their needs inscribed into statutory tasks of health resorts. The needs include as follows: – satysfying everyday needs of patients by health resort units (if they are 24/7 units), – improving the health of health resort patients, – taking preventive measures to improve the health of health resort patients, – educating health resort patients about diseases of all kinds from which particular patients suffer. In conclusion the following is stated: 1) the hypothesis presented in the research project totally proved to be correct. 2) a child, who is a health resort patient, statutorily is subject to nurturing and educational benefits, which was not included in the hypothesis presented in the research project. In the hypothesis an in-kind health benefit was not included either. The benefit is statutorily due to each health resort patient irrespective of their age.

Key words: Polish health resorts, legal responsibilities of health resorts to payers, health resort unit.

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