Legal protection of natural resources in health resort localities in contemporary Polish law

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Artur Guźlecki

1 (38) 2014 s. 75–83
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Fraza do cytowania: Guźlecki A. Legal protection of natural resources in health resort localities in contemporary Polish law. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2014;1(38):75–83.

According to current resort law, a town can be called a health resort locality where first and foremost geological resources and climatic, agreeable conditions are present, improving health and general fitness of people. The article is an insight into the issue of legal protection of natural resources in contemporary legal body of works on health resort. The overriding aim of the paper is to give a specific structure to legal knowledge about health resorts a, i.e. to group fragments of knowledge around the issue of legal protection of natural resources present in health resort localities. The health resort law of 2005 made uniform with the health resort law of 2011 taken from The Internet Legal Acts System will constitute the subject matter of an analysis based on illustration of legal quotations about the life of health resorts in Poland. The following hypotheses have been posed: 1. Most of concepts in contemporary Polish health resort laws refer to the protection of natural resources in health resort localities. 2. A full description and an exhaustive classification of Polish health resorts is a prerequisite for protecting natural resources in legal terms. 3. There are health resort protection zones of specific features and respective regulations are assigned to each one, e.g. health resort’s head physician and commune are responsible for the protection of the given health resort. 4. Poland’s health resorts must neither be urbanized nor exempt from legal protection. 5. In Poland only a fine is a sort of penalty for damage done to the health resort. The subject matter, constituting the core of research, has been exhaustively, but not fully discussed. The law taken from the Internet Legal Acts System includes omitted articles. If the author knew the articles, he could put a different light on the research results. Most of the hypotheses posed in research have been confirmed.

Key words: Polish health resort, legal protection of Poland’s health resorts, health resort protection zones, health resort protection area, health resort commune, health resort’s head physician.

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