Socio‑economic consequences of infertility treatment

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Paweł Drągowski, Katarzyna Siemionow, Ilona Zaręba, Izabela Prokop, Edyta Rysiak, Eryk Cekała, Michał Rutkowski

4 (45) 2015 s. 255–258
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Fraza do cytowania: Drągowski P., Siemionow K., Zaręba I., Prokop I., Rysiak E., Cekała E., Rutkowski M. Socio‑economic consequences of infertility treatment. Polski Przegląd Nauk o Zdrowiu. 2015;4(45):255–258.

Estimates from the World Health Organization assume that in the world today with the problems of becoming pregnant struggling approx. 60–80 million couples in developed countries statistically one in ten relationship struggles with the inability to have children. Left untreated, infertility carries far‑reaching social consequences associated with the deepening demographic decline, as well as indirect effects related to the state of the psyche patients themselves, who by excluding from the parenting they feel unfulfilled and often fall into various types of depression. The prevalence of fertility problems is the fact that, according to the Polish Gynecological Society in our country, this problem affects about 1.5 million couples of childbearing age. Prior to the entry into force funded by the Ministry of Health in vitro treatment, every year thousands of couples therapy payable chose this technique. The costs were quite significant, and by this fact, many couples who want a child could not afford it. The situation changed significantly with the introduction of the state program ”Infertility treatment in vitro fertilization method for 2013–2016”. In addition, the costs borne by patients declined further with the entry in July 2014. On the list of reimbursed drugs hormone preparations used in preparation for the fertilization process. With the financial assistance of the State under the program and refund the necessary preparations greatly expanded access to modern and effective method of treatment that can be parents of those who have not yet had the opportunity.

Key words: infertility, in vitro, medical costs, pharmacoeconomics.

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